Minerva's MIDI Archive



This pages links to MIDI files
I have used on my Tapestry pages

Missing dates indicate WAV files
having been used on that particular date instead

Pronounced mi•dy, MIDI is an acronym for
Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Please Note: Clicking on any song title should produce a new page with a sound control bar. If this does not happen or if the file automatically begins to download, please e-mail me for instructions.

Warning: These songs are for computer listening only. Do not attempt to reproduce them on CDs and sell them; not even as karaoke music. They are here to make the information we provide more palatable, while at the same time encouraging you to go out and buy the actual CDs that market these songs. This will provide revenue to the record companies and to the artists, who, upon noticing their sales have suddenly skyrocketed on those CDs, which feature the songs we provide, will donate a gajillion dollars to our cause.

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